Once upon a time. Happily ever after.

Sometimes life feels like a fairytale. When the world stops turning for just a moment because she's looking at you, because his hand grazed your cheek. When you suddenly feel the heat from deep within your belly as her lips brush yours. As his strength surrounds you, envelops you, and you feel safe, at home.

All of these little moments that feel so big. You stand before this human and vow to always love them as you do now, and you do on this day. Then, life gets busy. We connect, we disconnect. We work, start a family, we are pulled in all different directions. And we forget. We don't let ourselves feel the things we used to. We lose touch with the things that brought us together.

As NJ wedding and elopement photographers, we vow to give you an everlasting memory through our documentary and editorial style wedding photography. A time machine. An experience. When you look at the photos from the pinnacle of your love, you won't just remember what you felt like, you'll feel it all over again. For the times that you need your world, your love to slow down once more, we are here, writing your moments into history.

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Meet Sam

I'm a momma of four, wife to an amazing man,  owner of Anastasia Rae Photography, and half of The Wildflower Wedding Collective. I have a deep love for this art. My passion for the beauty of this world runs deep, from nature, to architecture, to moments, I am always in awe of what surrounds me. Perhaps it isn't surprising that I became so enamored with photography, what better way to celebrate all of these things than to give them life forever.

Meet Lisa

I'm a momma of two, married to my high school sweetheart, owner of Jersey Sunshine Photography, and the other half of The Wildflower Wedding Collective.  My love for photography came from documenting my children as they grow up. Pulling out my camera daily to catch those everyday moments inspired me to sharpen my skills. I adore pretty, sunset light, bold colors, candid moments, and capturing the love between people.   

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The Wildflower Wedding Collective Couple

Genuine. Spirited. In love. The Wildflower Wedding Collective couple wants an authentic perspective when capturing their special moments. Candid movements, natural poses and all of the finer details, create an all-encompassing collection of photographs full of meaning and honesty. Our couple wants to enjoy their day to the fullest. Remembering the most important aspect of their wedding and their love. 

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