other wedding photographers is that you will get two creative perspectives documenting your day. Since they come from different backgrounds and specialties, you will get a variety of shots and styles. Sam and Lisa approach every moment differently, guaranteeing you two equally important captures from unique angles.  Having a complete  collection of photos from the most important day of your life ensures that it will always be unforgettable.  

What is a collective? The Wildflower Wedding Collective is a group of two photographers who create a collection of their works to document your special day.  They aren't your average wedding photographers. Sam and Lisa are both published and award winning photographers, who came together as a team after successfully managing their own separate photography businesses.  What makes The Wildflower Wedding Collective different than  

THE wildflower Wedding Colletive

a little bit about

They are both obsessed with large, hairy dogs


Sam & Lisa both shoot with mirrorless canon cameras


They started their individual businesses within a month of each other


Sam & Lisa met online through a shared love of handmade children's clothes


A Little More about The Wildflower Wedding Collective


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